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Presented by Joanna Kappele, ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH and Holistic Nutrition Counselor

Over 3 Decades experience in environmental health epidemiology, organic healing nutrition, holistic health and retreats. Founder and CEO of Hippocrateas Organic Tea, Author of the Green Handbook,  Functional Nutrition Counselor, Certified Well AP, Former Elementary School Teacher

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Join the mission to save the planet

GO PLASTIC FREE, Help Save all Creatures
Plastic is all around us, in countless products and things we use everyday. Because of its toxic persistent nature, plastic stands as humanity's greatest environmental threat. Plastic is the most abundant toxin spewing uncontrollably across the earth-- from oceans and lakes, to cities and towns, it exempts none. Plastic harms all animals and plants, every body in its path. Any time we choose to use plastic-free products, we help everyone everywhere. Be part of the solution and go plastic free.

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