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Learn how to identify and avoid toxins so you can enjoy good health.
Class Meets: 1 hour weekly
Duration: 4 weeks
Content: Avoiding Toxins

Learn how to turn your tap water into safe, clean water
Class Meets: 2 hours
Content: Clean water

Organic cooking lessons for kids
Treat your child to a fun class in cooking delicious nourishing foods.
Class Meets: 1 hour a week
Duration: 4 weeks
Content: Gathering supplies, basic cooking, safety, measuring, identifying ingredients, nutrition, self reliance



Meet the ultimate natural training course in Healing Thyself tailored to your needs. This Amazing workshop prioritizes physical wellbeing, mental health and personal development through cutting edge strategies in nutrition, sound, energy, light, mineral and nature therapies. Prepare for renewed physical wellness, mental health harmony, nourishment and inner joy. This is a spectacular training course you will Love! Your personal assessment will help guide the protocol we create for You.
Have fun learning how to cultivate inspiring habits that bring your health to a whole new level. Appreciate life and yourself like never before!

Class Meets: 2 hours weekly
Duration: 6 Weeks
You and Your magnificent Self

Organic SOUP MAking for adults
Learn how to make delicious & nutritious homemade soup! 
Class Meets: 1 hour a week
Duration: 4 weeks
Content: Soup prep, grocery shopping, making soup, nutrients

Learn how to refresh your kitchen and remove the disease culprits.

Class Meets: 3 hours
Content: Greenify Your Kitchen

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Joanna Kappele

Presented by Joanna Kappele, ENVIRONMENTAL and Natural Health Guide 

30 year veteran in the field of environmental health and disease, founder and CEO of Hippocrateas Organic Tea,, Author of the Green Handbook Book Series, Certified WELL AP, and certified Functional Nutrition Counselor.



Reducing exposure TO TOXINS




In this webinar wE'll cover



Why work with me as Your Natural Health Guide

Hi, my name is Joanna Kappele and Health and the Environment is my passion! I've been studying the connections between human health and the environment for over 3 decades! I've also been studying nutritional healing and wellness solutions to overcome disease all that time. My role as a health guide is helping people learn how to nourish and care for their bodies and mind, while avoiding toxins that can cause harm. 

I got deeply involved in helping people in this way after my own parents died to cancer way too young. Since 1990 I've dedicated my life to learning as much, and experiencing as much as possible about healing the body and mind to achieve wellness. From working with and assisting doctors and healers, living at retreat centers, studying environmental epidemiology (before I even knew it was an actual field of study) to today, my greatest fulfillment comes from helping people get well naturally.


Personally I've been devoted to eating organically since 1990 when I was challenged with health issues of my own. That's when I started working with healers and began developing my own medicinal herbal teas. Today I still craft homemade organic teas as well as healing soups, you can find us at www. Hippocrateas.com.


In addition to making tea, I'm a published author, functional nutrition counselor, former kindergarten teacher, animal lover, and lifelong yoga student. I have a bachelors in ecology from College of the Atlantic, and my M.ed from DePaul University. I'm also WELL AP certified. Enough about me, what's your story? Please get in touch with me here.

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"Oh my God...your so thorough and have the knowledge that all of the doctors put together that I have been dealing with including the herbalists, the naturopaths and in between protocols all have put me on (that didn't help solve the issue or get to the bottom of the issue) and here you are nipping things in the bud thoroughly and succinctly and clearly for me to understand...you are the gut master, teacher, tutor, counselor and mentor."

-Brenda, Oak Park, IL.

"Joanna provided nearly instant recommendations based on my brief description of my hand cramping. She knew exactly what I needed and gave me varied options to address the issue. Within literally a day of doing what Joanna recommended, my hand cramping was and still is entirely gone. I’m now able to work in my online business without any physical barriers - thanks to Joanna’s expertise and her intuitive understanding of holistic health for the body. So grateful!"


-Dr. Rachel 

Psychologist & Founder of The Numinous Path 

"I had the worst fingernail fungus, it was bad--all my nails were affected. Joanna made me a salve and told me what to do to heal it. I didn't expect it to work, but I went along with it anyway. She totally changed my life! Seriously, for years I had to keep my hands hidden. I tried stuff before but none of it worked. I had given up, thinking it was hopeless. But no more!  It completely healed! I was stunned! Actually I'm still stunned! Thanks to her, I now have more confidence in my work and don't have to hide my hands anymore! 


-Jake, Chicago, IL

"Teas and foot bath are working. Your kindness is much appreciated!"

-J. Chicago, IL

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