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"He who lives in harmony

with himself

lives in harmony

with the universe."

Marcus Aurelius

 Survive &


 prepare to

Adore Yourself 
organic health retreat
and Retreat Planning  

is wealth.

Break Free From Habits that 
Hold you Back, Reclaim your life today!



NOw is the time.

discover OUR UNIQUE methods and get on the right path.


People with Masks

Are you living your life in comfort, or are health challenges bringing you down? If you have 40 days, we'll show you exactly what to do to uncover your

best health ever.


 ( Virtual)

 discover the FOODS and nutrients you need to Live your happiest and healthiest life.

mental Recalibration

Relax and let us Guide
through AWAKENing your inner powers for success In health and all areas of your life .

Adore Yourself
"Loving Ourselves works miracles
in our lives."
Louise L Hay

this is A well-being reset, A whole body, mind, and spirit tune up.

Health is wealth.

This is your  ultimate organic health retreat

What's included:

HEALing food and cooking 




meditation and visualization


NATURE therapy

Light therapy

Water Therapy

sound therapy 

body therapy

mental therapy  

organic Tea and Herbs 

detoxing your environment

Natural Health secrets...


The Path to healing is 
simpler & More joyful than you can imagine.


 Radically improve

your health



"Oh my God...your so thorough and have the knowledge that all of the doctors put together that I have been dealing with including the herbalists, the naturopaths and in between protocols all have put me on (that didn't help solve the issue or get to the bottom of the issue) and here you are nipping things in the bud thoroughly and succinctly and clearly for me to are the gut master, teacher, tutor, counselor and mentor."

-Brenda, Oak Park, IL.

"Joanna provided nearly instant recommendations based on my brief description of my hand cramping. She knew exactly what I needed and gave me varied options to address the issue. Within literally a day of doing what Joanna recommended, my hand cramping was and still is entirely gone. I’m now able to work in my online business without any physical barriers - thanks to Joanna’s expertise and her intuitive understanding of holistic health for the body. So grateful!"


-Dr. Rachel 

Psychologist & Founder of The Numinous Path 

""I had the worst fingernail fungus, it was bad--all my nails were affected. Joanna made me a salve and told me what to do to heal it. I didn't expect it to work, but I went along with it anyway. She totally changed my life! Seriously, for years I had to keep my hands hidden. I tried stuff before but none of it worked. I had given up, thinking it was hopeless. But no more!  It completely healed! I was stunned! Actually I'm still stunned! Thanks to her, I now have more confidence in my work and don't have to hide my hands anymore!" 


-Jake, Chicago, IL

"Teas and foot bath are working. Your kindness is much appreciated!"

-J. Chicago, IL

Joanna Kappele

Who Are We?

Our Organic Retreat was designed by Joanna Kappele, the original holistic, organic and environmental health guru. 

For the past 30+ years Jo's been living organically and working with holistic healers, studying environmental health and functional nutrition, making medicinal teas, writing retreat guide books. She's the founder of Hippocrateas Organic Tea and also the author of the Green Handbook.


She has her bachelors in Ecology and Masters degree in Education, as well as Functional Nutrition Counselor, Published Author, Human Ecologist, Well AP, and former Elementary School Teacher,

Private Coaching

We also offer private coaching. Schedule a call to discuss options. 

Group Coaching

If you have a large group, we can customize the workshop to best suit your particular needs and scheduling preferences. 

Zero Risk!

100% Guaranteed! No risk, Join us and if you're not completely over the moon about our program, get your money back! We have a 72 hour refund policy. 

Developed by the teacher and Author of the Green Handbook! 
The Green Handbook, Food Supply, Joanna Kappele
Adore Yourself 

Whether you're trying to heal from a chronic condition, or someone in your circle is not doing well, this workshop is for you! We'll give you the methods and tools you need so you have more control of your health and your future.



Throughout the workshop you'll be provided with ongoing support, coaching and feedback. In addition to the sessions, we're available throughout the course and afterward to connect.

Our mission is to help you strengthen and restore your BODY and Mind so you can Spend your time Enjoying life.




Joanna Kappele


This training is intended to support and benefit your health and encourages good habits that naturally awaken healing from within. If you're currently under medical supervision or pregnant we suggest you seek guidance from your physician before proceeding.

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